Our kaupapa (purpose)

Why we do what we do


Our purpose is to normalise te reo Maori in our community. We will epitomise manaakitanga (respect, hospitality, generosity and care for others) and kaitiakitanga (guardianship, stewardship and trusteeship) in everything that we do in the pursuit of tino rangatiratanga (self determination).

Mana & manaakitanga

At Fush, we believe that the one variable that matters more than anything in our industry is the level of manaakitanga that we give our manuhiri, our guests.  


We are passionate about manaakitanga.  Our whānau was brought up to believe that mana and manaaki go as a pair, they go hand in hand.  You can not understand one without the other, rather they need to be understood in context with one another. Side by side.  While mana is all about rights and what can be gained by a person, manaakitanga is concerned with duties and what can be given.  In order to keep or enhance ones mana, you must be hospitable, you must be generous, you must take great care of your manuhiri, you must be an expert of manaakitanga.  The better your manaaki, the more you will be recognised for such skills and thus the more mana you will have among your people.  So at Fush, we take it very seriously.


We strive to take great care of every person who walks through our doors at the restaurant and ensure that no matter what, our manuhiri leave happier than when they walked through the door. We are guided by the tikanga described above and that is what makes Fush so unique in our industry. 




To us here at Fush, kaitiakitanga means that we have an obligation to leave this world in a better condition than the way we found it. It's all about our tamariki (children) and mokopuna (future generations).  


It’s no secret that we all need to tackle climate change head on and every little bit counts, right? So, we do our bit by ensuring that all of our takeaway packaging and kai is sourced from suppliers who value kaitiakitanga as much as we do. That means you can throw your takeaway packaging straight in the green bin and it will break down naturally within 8 weeks.


And incase you’re wondering, every single piece of ika (fish) we serve, is line caught!  We source it from an awesome company over in Te Tai Poutini (on the West Coast) called Westfleet!  Shout out to Paddy and the crew who work hard to catch all of our fish using the most sustainable method we have, a line, a hook and some bait! No trawling, no destroying the seabed, just good ol’ fashioned fishing!

Normalising te reo

Fush is committed to the normalisation of te reo Māori. Basically, that means that we’re doing our best to get our beautiful native language out there for the world to hear and speak.


When you dine at Fush you might notice that our staff are wearing flash as kākahu (clothes) that sport Māori words or phrases. Or you might hear the odd Māori song on our playlist throughout your stay. Or you might even hear some of our staff speaking to each other in te reo Māori from time to time.  


All of these little things help to normalise te reo Māori around Aotearoa. We are also constantly out and about teaching te reo and Māori cultural competency in the community so if you're looking for some training, then make sure you get in touch.  We'd love to help!

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